The title song for this album, Finally, was inspired by Loretta Lynn's Coal Miner's Daughter, the story of the early years of her life. Finally is the very true story my life up to this point. It is a story of hardships, struggle, and triumph. I'm sure many of you have similar stories. I hope you overcome it all too!

Never Means Forever

This song is a no-nonsense break-up song. It really reflects my personal attitude. When things are going well, that's great. But when I finally realize the relationship isn't working for me, that's it! No off-on again and dragging things out. It's either "black or white", "off or on", or "yes or no" with me and no flip-flopping.

Piece of a Man

Piece of a Man is a unique look at the classic issue of dating a married man and then breaking it off when you realize it's really not what you want long-term. This story is like Sugar Land's wonderful "Stay" song but with a much more light-hearted approach reflecting a "stand up for yourself" attitude.

Almost Single

This is another light-hearted approach to a classic real problem. It has certainly happened to me several times. You meet a nice guy in a bar or somewhere and then find out he's married. But, he says "Oh, I'm separated, and my divorce is coming soon." Then you find out he's been saying that for years. And he'll be saying it for years more after you bow out.

Don't Try to Tell Me

This is the ultimate attitude song. It says I'm a good woman. I'm intelligent, self-reliant, and can stand on my own two feet. So, don't try to tell me what to do!


When a man and woman fall in love today, there are often problems with two career couples finding suitable jobs in locations they can live together. Surprise is a light-hearted look at what can happen when the couple comes from different backgrounds, locations, and careers. This is a duet with my songwriter, publisher, business manager, and friend (Tom Moore).

Proud But Afraid

This song is about the pride and anguish of families whose young sons and daughters leave to serve their country in the military. It is dedicated to all our military men and women (current and past) and their families.

We are making the song available free for download and personal distribution — feel free to pass it along. (Rights for use on radio, TV, movies, or other commercial use are reserved.)

Lifeblood of the Good Old USA

Until I learned this song, I never really thought about truck drivers and their importance to our way of life. This song really made me realize they perform a critical job with great risk without much appreciation. There would be nothing in the stores without the truckers. I certainly appreciate them more now and I hope you will too! Lifeblood of the Good Old USA is dedicated to all the big rig drivers out there on the roads.

Diamonds and Pearls

I enjoyed the challenge of singing this blues kind of song, but I can't say the attitude here is a personal one. I'm not one to just take things and not earn my own way. However, I do know women more like the one in this song.

I'm So Grateful

This is a very unique perspective song. Imagine a 40-year-old woman marrying a 65-year-old wealthy man. Some people might call her a “trophy wife” and think she only married for money. She says in this song, they really loved each other and she is grateful for the years they had together. I haven’t experienced this myself, but I’ve known several women who have.

I'm Losing You

Sometimes couples break up because one party expects the other to change who they are. But the other can't change their personality and character just to fit expectations. This song tells about the breakup that results.

Almost Famous

This song reminds me of the type of guy I have met over the years who jerks me around, is afraid of relationships, and is losing his charms. He just never makes it as a person and never achieved his ambitions.

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