Hi, my name is Tom Moore. I’ve been a customer of Laura Lee’s for 12 years. In recent years I discovered Laura Lee was an exciting country music singer with a great original sound and unique voice. She sang karaoke around the area very successfully. So, as a retirement project, my wife (Pat) and I decided to support Laura Lee to launch her singing career. We set up a company (Moore & Moore Country Music Company) to write lyrics, sponsor music creation, publish, record, and sell her music.

On this first album Finally I wrote 6 songs (lyrics) and Pat wrote 2 songs. We got one from a friend of a friend in Texas. Laura Lee had an old friend who had recently moved back to the area. He is a great musician, outstanding guitar/keyboard player, and a fine recording engineer with the latest computer software for recording. His name is Dave Williams.

Dave created melodies for our lyrics, and developed all of the instrumental back-up music. He sang most of the back-up vocals too! Three of the songs have lyrics written by Dave as well (one with a friend). Laura Lee is a co-writer on most of the songs because she suggested many changes in lyrics and music to make the songs more "on message", singable, understandable, and to provide breathing spots. In addition to Dave’s musical contributions, which included lead guitar, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, organ, keyboard strings, etc., he was the recording producer, recording engineer, mixer, and builder of the studio and sound booth converting a one-car garage.

Final polishing, tweeking, and mastering was done by Ron Pirone.

We hope you enjoy our efforts.

Tom Moore
Moore & Moore Country Music Company

Thanks to Dave, Tom, Pat and all my friends who have supported me for all these years. I really appreciate their help in allowing me to have this opportunity to entertain people like you. Hope you enjoy what we’ve done.

Laura Lee Styles

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