I have always loved singing — even before I can remember, my parents say. I grew up on a small horse farm in southeast Michigan where my parents were raised and still live. Some of my earliest musical influences were my four older sisters and my parents. My father played drums in a local band on every weekend for 30 years and we all sang in the car everywhere we went. My mom played piano, french horn, and sang too. My father and his brother had their own band — they did rock-and-roll, pop, and country music.

Although I took some piano lessons, I never became good at any instrument. But I loved singing along with all the classic country girl singers. Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton and Dottie West were favorites.

Horses were always in my life. My father taught me to ride beginning at one year old, using a pony lead. Over the years I had several horses. My first horse was Silver, named after the Lone Rangerís horse. At present I have a beautiful Appaloosa named Maltese Chief.

I was active in athletics in school. In high school, although I was only 5 feet 2 inches tall, I did very well in volleyball (even a spiker!). I was also competitive in track, especially in sprints and long jump! Coaches said I had springs for legs. Would you believe even at 34 years old, I played sand court (4 on 4) co-ed volleyball and we won the national volleyball championship in Chicago.

I got married shortly after high school graduation and was a mother two years later. Soon the marriage broke up and I struggled to raise my son on my own. Finally I got to attend beauty classes at Michigan College of Beauty and, after four years experience, had my own beauty shop. Between raising my son, going to school, and running my own business, I never had time to pursue my love of singing country music other than karaoke sessions around the area, which were always well-received by the audience.

Now my son is grown and on his own. I can finally pursue my interest in singing country music. So this first album I named Finally. The title song Finally is the story of my life so far. Check out the Song Descriptions for an explanation of all the songs on my first CD. I of course had a lot of help making this album. See the Album Production page for details.

I want you to know my son is studying to be an emergency care doctor (surgeon) and still has a long way to go. I am taking my singing career very seriously as a way to earn money to help with his expenses in medical school. So, I am dedicating my CD to my son, Derrick. I appreciate your support.


Laura Lee Styles
Laura Lee Stlyes

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