Laura Lee Stlyes

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Laura Lee Styles is a new unique voice in country music. Her first album, Finally, has 12 original songs featuring a variety of musical styles in several types of songs. These songs relate well to a mature single woman who has been independent and self-sufficient for more than 20 years and has been a successful mother and business woman. These songs reflect attitudes about life, dating, respect, independence, self-reliance, and dignity.

Samples of all of the songs on the album are accessible on both the Song Descriptions and Song Lyrics pages. You can buy downloads of each song or the entire album on (You can also hear shorter samples of each song there.) We are also selling the album on CD directly from our site.

We are making the song Proud But Afraid available free for download and personal distribution — feel free to pass it along. This song is about the pride and anguish of families whose young people leave to serve their country in the military. It is dedicated to all our military men and women (current and past) and their families. (Rights for use on radio, TV, movies, or other commercial use are reserved.)

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